IAE ’52 and Best in Show

I haven’t written in a while despite actually poking in the game more. Partially as everything is still kind of in a loose state and even with a “persistent” universe, we’re still getting resets back which, as I continue to plummet to my death randomly sometimes when stepping into an Elevator, I do think is probably the better way to do things right now. I just wish I didn’t have to remake my character each time (and also that they eventually have better hair).

Unfortunately, IAE 2952 came at a pretty awful time for me this year– It was just a busy time of year overall with various personal stuff and I happened to get sick on top of it which meant a lot of rest and not a lot being able to actually get to IAE.

I think what I’m most disappointed in though is the fact that items are just… randomly not giftable nowadays. I don’t understand why this was done. It was already annoying the Golden Ticket had this, but fine, super commemorative. Random other trinkets though? I’m very much on the “just let people do what they want with it” party and as someone who has very specific ships she wants and only those specific ships, I don’t like that my only other option is “buy the ship because nobody can give you the coins”.

I’m hoping maybe once things become more persistent, I’ll find someone who would want to still just part with the coins. I need the Ship Showdown ’52 Scorpius Coin and the Ship Showdown ’52 Mercury Coin. Apparently, most people do not care for trinkets, but hopefully that makes it more likely for me as one of the few people who does.

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It’s been a while!

It’s definitely been a while since my last post. I’ve been continuing to make some videos of the game from time to time, usually just showing some of the stuff available. As long as resets are still happening however, videos will be on the shorter side ^^;

In a similar sense, there hasn’t been much released when it comes to Trinkets which is what the site is primarily for. We don’t list combat items or clothing (with the only exception being ones that can also be displayed as a trinket) and that’s what has mostly released lately.

One thing I’d like to include, but haven’t, are the Red Envelopes and Presents. The reason being that right now, they just end up being wiped as new updates happen so due to them not really sticking around yet, it doesn’t feel right to include them. As for why I included Pico, Finley, and Francis, it’s because they are always available as the exact same edition. Plus, Pico has gotten some special Holiday ones too so…

But yeah, we’re doing our best. We have a new contact form as well now :)

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It’s crazy to think it’s been over two years since my last update! It has nothing to do with lack of interest, but just not much to say. Not to mention the latest alpha being more than my current computer can handle and my new computer not being ready yet.

I also just haven’t had much to update. Flair has long since changed to being more clothing-focused which I don’t really have an interest in including (this is more for trinkets) and then there’s just… items you can pick up in the game, but won’t really show up in your Hangar like the Lucky Red Envelopes making a return right now (Happy Lunar New Year) which I’m not even lucky enough to find anyway or the various Pico the Penguin around which I’ll be giving its own section soon due to it slowly becoming a mascot in its own right.

With the addition of new quests and things you can do, I may get to using this more often as a status report for how things go, but I’d have to actually be able to load the game back up first.

At the very least, I’ve been doing recordings over on my Youtube channel of some of the various events and things so I’m still doing my best even as things are slow right now. My wishlist also continues to grow…

As always, if anything has been missed though, feel free to let me know! I do my best to keep up, but honestly, it can be hard to sometimes.

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In which we add another type of update

So, as I mentioned in my last update, with the Flair changes, there just hasn’t been as much to bring up.

This site is heavily dedicated to “Trinket”-related items, so items that can only be worn and not also displayed (like the Top Hat) or things like weapons aren’t really included here.

I’ll be honest, I really miss the old Flair system. Not fond of most of the new stuff sadly. I will say I am thankful that there have been no more ship models included with concept ships. I really didn’t like that to begin with (and am still hoping they really will be on sale for everyone eventually).

Anyway, I did complete the recent quiz thing which was pretty cool:

Unfortunately, my luck is terrible when it comes to any of these raffles.

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Some kind of update!

So, this site isn’t dead so much as a temporary hiatus–or well, there was one. I’m currently working on getting everything back up to date. I had figured most people wouldn’t be too interested in such a site until the game fully launched, but thanks to some recent members, I realized that’s not entirely the case so I’m pretty excited to essentially be updating again.

Let’s talk about some things since. For one, the referral contest ended–I did manage to get enough for the Star Kitty items, thankfully, along with even enough to get the Gold Ship Models. I’m still bummed out about the contest itself though so I hope they won’t do it again. I’m just so thankful I found people to refer me.

More Concept Ships have also come out that I adore, but likely will not be able to get–the 600I and Ursa Rover. I know everything can be earned ingame, but… I hope the models and posters for all these concept ships won’t be too pricey.

There isn’t too much to say beyond Star Citizen itself getting a lot of site updates. I still haven’t quite got used to the Spectrum System–sure, it’s more steam-lined, but I think I preferred the old system.

Also, on the trinket side of things, there was no Subscriber Trophy for Citizencon this year which I found kind of odd. First no Gamescom trophies and then no second Citizencon one. I wonder why.

Subscriber flair has also been given a change where instead of Imperators getting two of the same flair, they now get an exclusive variant… Which while makes sense, isn’t the best execution.

For one, the different variant is linked to the original variant which means it’s… not possible to gift the other variant alone. On the other, it’s also kind of… cheaper for someone to switch to Imperator down the line, buy the variants, and switch back if they can’t afford to do $20 each month. I know I personally can’t, unfortunately, and while I was okay missing the skins, I’m really sad to be missing out on the trinkets, even if it’s just color/pose variants. I haven’t seen many people delighted about the change–many people who did Imperator seemed to gift the extra to one of their kids, a friend, or even significant other, while others managed to do $10 each for themselves and/or maybe a friend or family they either need to just put towards their self or even only upgrade one or two. And some people don’t care for the items at all, even more so.

Thankfully, a very nice person actually gave me their variants so thank you! <3 Anyway, that's all for now. Thank you for still being interested after all this time!

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Star Citizen’s Referral Contest & The Problem with Referral Systems

So, I’m sure most people have heard about it already, but if not the latest Star Citizen news brought a brand new Referral Contest to go with new referral tiers and there’s honestly a lot of controversy due to it.

The first thing that comes up is Sally, who is part of the “Star Kitten” line-up. Most people don’t care for her. I am not most people and I absolutely adore her.

Many people feel she “breaks” the immersion because apparently there can’t be cute designs in Space. Big Benny disagrees, people.

Look at that noodle bowl. Look at that cuteness. Cuteness is already here.

Going back to Sally though, it’s apparently her 15th Birthday and in celebration of her 15th birthday, a special edition UEE Tee and a special Drake Dragonfly are here to celebrate. Isn’t that great? It would be, except it’s tied to the aforementioned referral contest.

This is the shirt:

Featuring Sally Blasting off.

While the Drake Dragonfly, well, not only does it feature a picture of Sally on it, but it’s pink. And this is where the other part of the Sally controversy comes in–people don’t want to see a pink skin. We already have other bright skins. We have cute designs. There is no reason, even lore-wise, that we can’t have a pink skin. Information from the past can change and people need to realize that. It’s not a big deal.

That said, I’m both happy and just… really frustrated and upset. I’ve wanted a pink ship SO badly and while the Dragonfly wasn’t a ship I was particularly interested in, I definitely want this one.

The second thing is the fact that right in the announcement video of the contest, they actually put up three streamer’s referral codes. The first person shown is currently in first and all three shown are in the top 5 (with the second and third people in fifth and fourth respectively).

Personally, I don’t even want the other prizes. Gamescom would be amazing to go to, but it’s not something I’d ever expect to be able to do through a referral contest. Honestly, if I was able to get that many referrals, something tells me I’d be able to afford my own trip to Gamescom. Right now, I’m just hoping for 10 referrals.

The third issue is that old referrals do not count for either of the Star Kitten items–they only count for the two big prizes. Referrals aren’t easy to get and yet the two special items require you to suddenly get new referrals on top of your old ones. I’ll be talking about this more soon, but this is an issue. I only have 4–I couldn’t even get the 10 for the Gold Model set and I’m still one shy for the lovely Referral Fish tank, but I essentially need to somehow get 10 more in about 3 and a half months (the contest ends August 8th) to get the ship I want. And it’s unfortunate that it is very unlikely to happen. I’d love for a miracle to happen, but not everyone has $40 to spend. Heck, I barely do right now.

The final controversy is with some of the new tiers. We finally get more referral rewards and for the most part, I’m happy I don’t care for most of them. In fact, the only one I have any interest in is the one for 1,042 Referrals–access to the Million Mile High Club. I REALLY hope there will be more ways to get this as it’s something I really want, but the only current ways to do so are just too out of reach for me and it makes me sad.

So, the one people are up in arms about is the Star Crossing tier at 2,017 referrals. Anyone who hits that will get a Javelin which is a very pricey ship (People have spent $2,000-$3,000 to get one). Personally, I think it’s silly people are upset about this it’ll be available to get ingame through playing anyway, though, probably a very far off goal. It being a referral reward really shouldn’t be a huge deal.

I want to head back to what I brought up in the third issue to explain what I meant now–Referrals are not easy to get, for most people. If you have a site with a lot of traffic and/or are a streamer or someone on like Youtube or some other platform where you just have a large following, hey, maybe you have a good chance to get a lot of referrals. The thing is, even then, there is one big catch: For a referral to count on Star Citizen, it requires a purchase of at least $40.

Many sites have been doing similar things like requiring someone to have hit a certain point in a story or game for it to count or maybe having subscribed for a month or made one small purchase… The qualifications vary while others may even just be for them to log-in for a week. And of course, there’s still just the “sign up and put in someone’s name/code and it’ll count right away”. The thing is, most people will try a game, but feeling pressured to have to make a purchase or do things can already cause people to shy off/not bother.

The other issue is not all sites or games will have referral systems right off the bat and people will still spread the word, so suddenly there is a referral system and many people will already have invited their friends and family who would have been interested and no longer have any people. Most places will not bother doing any kind of retroactive count, but I have seen an occasional thing where someone can actually mention a user referred them (although, late) either in a pinned post by staff or through some kind of option in settings. Once confirmed by both users, it’s activated. This DOES have a chance to be abused with the latter option, but usually you can just report someone if they keep harassing about it.

The thing is, Referral systems don’t actually need exclusive rewards. So many games and things will have all these perks from various exclusive items you get for having referred many people to large amounts of currency and well, currency is good. People don’t necessarily need all these exclusive things through it, especially when so many people will literally be out of luck. There are even systems that make it so when a user makes a big purchase that uses real money, the user that referred them gets like… 1% of what they spent in a currency they can then use. It’s a really nice reward without any actual list of exclusive milestone tiers at all.

I get wanting more people to your game, but referral systems are just… they don’t really work properly and it’ll always be the same kind of people who manage to get the most use from them. If a game is good, people will spread the word naturally. If anything, Referral systems just encourage more “Ghost Accounts” and there will always be someone who has the money and/or time to make those accounts count.

Finally, the site is being worked on to get all the tables all evened up to make everything look a bit neater. Pardon any issues you made run into–it’ll hopefully be all done within the next couple of days at the latest!

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The Best Bonus Subscriber Flair :D

So, one of my favorite things with being a Subscriber with Star Citizen are the various Subscriber Flairs each month. Trinkets are some of my favorite things if it wasn’t obvious enough by part of this site’s existence so seeing what we get each month is always a fun surprise. While I don’t usually make entries about the new flair each month (though, maybe that could be something fun to do in the future), one of the things I’ve wanted for quite a long time now is something Big Benny’s related.

If you have no idea what Big Benny’s is (or Star Citizen in general, this post from April Fools last year can pretty much fill you in, or if you don’t care enough for the full context, just check out this video:

And I’ll be honest, I genuinely wanted everything shown in that transmission. The menu, the vending machine, a hat, the skin… Heck, I think a Big Benny’s plushie in a similar style to Squishable would be adorable. Besides my love of Big Benny’s, others really liked Big Benny’s too and heck, Big Benny’s has its own official ballad :P So, there are no words for how excited I was to see that the subscriber perk for Year 5 is a Big Benny’s Vending Machine:

If you really want a Big Benny’s Vending Machine and are not currently subscribed, as long as you subscribe before April 17th, you will get this vending machine. Even if you choose to unsubscribe in the future, any Subscriber Flairs you’ve gotten will stick around.

And if Big Benny’s has convinced you to check out Star Citizen, registering with this link will give you 5,000 bonus credits upon registration.

I’m just so happy they’re actually giving us one. That said, if you can’t subscribe or just rather wait for the game, everything will be able to be gotten ingame eventually as well :) So definitely something to look forward to!

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Rovers & Turtle Ships

So, the Gamescom Presentation was today and it’s hard not to be hyped up with what they showed. A lot of previews of cool features are coming, but honestly my favorite part was seeing them ride the Rover:
It’s really neat. The Rover comes with the Constellation: Aquila (one of the ships I want) or you can currently buy it separately for $50. I really want to get it.

The new ship, first shown through the Twitter retweet campaign, is the Terrapin. It’s really cool and looks like a Turtle.
Turtle ship is $195 and I really wish I could get it.

Even though I haven’t had much to write about, I’m still keeping up with updates at least in the appropriate sections. I’m looking forward to trying out the new features too.

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Hangars and things~

It’s been a while since my last update and not for any particular reason. I’ve still been updating with new decorative items as they come out and I even spent some time re-decorating my Hangar on 2.4:

Of course, with 2.41’s release, that is probably completely gone now. I think for the future, I might just place my fish tank (which hopefully I can actually put all my fish back in now) and any new items for pictures.

I still feel kind of mixed about the placement system. Ignoring the temporary room removal that prevents me from having all my favorite ships out, I kind of liked having things pre-placed as I actually really enjoyed most of the places where things happened to be. A lot of items can no longer be placed which is a bit unfortunate. Not to mention the general display stands versus the ones with the name plagues for the models is a bit disappointing–I definitely preferred the original ones with the information.

Regardless, maybe my next time on I’ll try and do more missions now that some kind of persistence is in. I still have a lot I want to get at some point.

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The Buccaneer and a Quiz!

So, the Buccaneer is officially up for sale today!
I really do want it and so I keep going back and forth on if I can afford it right now or not… I have so many ships I want as it is T__T I’m also a little sad that it seems the concept ship models and posters will not end up in the Voyager Direct (or at least are not planned to), but at least they should be able to be gotten in the game itself. I hope it’ll be quick to get all the ones I’d be missing….

Going back to the Buccaneer… to go along with its release, we have a quiz! Originally a minigame, but ended up being changed and will be reused later, it’s interesting to see this quiz instead. Depending on the results, it will determine what weapon “Item X” will become that all purchases of the ship will get. I’ll be posting the questions each time along with my answers for record purposes (This is a log, afterall) so here we go with Question 1!:

Question 2:

Question 3:

Question 4:

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