The Best Bonus Subscriber Flair :D

So, one of my favorite things with being a Subscriber with Star Citizen are the various Subscriber Flairs each month. Trinkets are some of my favorite things if it wasn’t obvious enough by part of this site’s existence so seeing what we get each month is always a fun surprise. While I don’t usually make entries about the new flair each month (though, maybe that could be something fun to do in the future), one of the things I’ve wanted for quite a long time now is something Big Benny’s related.

If you have no idea what Big Benny’s is (or Star Citizen in general, this post from April Fools last year can pretty much fill you in, or if you don’t care enough for the full context, just check out this video:

And I’ll be honest, I genuinely wanted everything shown in that transmission. The menu, the vending machine, a hat, the skin… Heck, I think a Big Benny’s plushie in a similar style to Squishable would be adorable. Besides my love of Big Benny’s, others really liked Big Benny’s too and heck, Big Benny’s has its own official ballad :P So, there are no words for how excited I was to see that the subscriber perk for Year 5 is a Big Benny’s Vending Machine:

If you really want a Big Benny’s Vending Machine and are not currently subscribed, as long as you subscribe before April 17th, you will get this vending machine. Even if you choose to unsubscribe in the future, any Subscriber Flairs you’ve gotten will stick around.

And if Big Benny’s has convinced you to check out Star Citizen, registering with this link will give you 5,000 bonus credits upon registration.

I’m just so happy they’re actually giving us one. That said, if you can’t subscribe or just rather wait for the game, everything will be able to be gotten ingame eventually as well :) So definitely something to look forward to!