It’s crazy to think it’s been over two years since my last update! It has nothing to do with lack of interest, but just not much to say. Not to mention the latest alpha being more than my current computer can handle and my new computer not being ready yet.

I also just haven’t had much to update. Flair has long since changed to being more clothing-focused which I don’t really have an interest in including (this is more for trinkets) and then there’s just… items you can pick up in the game, but won’t really show up in your Hangar like the Lucky Red Envelopes making a return right now (Happy Lunar New Year) which I’m not even lucky enough to find anyway or the various Pico the Penguin around which I’ll be giving its own section soon due to it slowly becoming a mascot in its own right.

With the addition of new quests and things you can do, I may get to using this more often as a status report for how things go, but I’d have to actually be able to load the game back up first.

At the very least, I’ve been doing recordings over on my Youtube channel of some of the various events and things so I’m still doing my best even as things are slow right now. My wishlist also continues to grow…

As always, if anything has been missed though, feel free to let me know! I do my best to keep up, but honestly, it can be hard to sometimes.