It’s been a while!

It’s definitely been a while since my last post. I’ve been continuing to make some videos of the game from time to time, usually just showing some of the stuff available. As long as resets are still happening however, videos will be on the shorter side ^^;

In a similar sense, there hasn’t been much released when it comes to Trinkets which is what the site is primarily for. We don’t list combat items or clothing (with the only exception being ones that can also be displayed as a trinket) and that’s what has mostly released lately.

One thing I’d like to include, but haven’t, are the Red Envelopes and Presents. The reason being that right now, they just end up being wiped as new updates happen so due to them not really sticking around yet, it doesn’t feel right to include them. As for why I included Pico, Finley, and Francis, it’s because they are always available as the exact same edition. Plus, Pico has gotten some special Holiday ones too so…

But yeah, we’re doing our best. We have a new contact form as well now :)