IAE ’52 and Best in Show

I haven’t written in a while despite actually poking in the game more. Partially as everything is still kind of in a loose state and even with a “persistent” universe, we’re still getting resets back which, as I continue to plummet to my death randomly sometimes when stepping into an Elevator, I do think is probably the better way to do things right now. I just wish I didn’t have to remake my character each time (and also that they eventually have better hair).

Unfortunately, IAE 2952 came at a pretty awful time for me this year– It was just a busy time of year overall with various personal stuff and I happened to get sick on top of it which meant a lot of rest and not a lot being able to actually get to IAE.

I think what I’m most disappointed in though is the fact that items are just… randomly not giftable nowadays. I don’t understand why this was done. It was already annoying the Golden Ticket had this, but fine, super commemorative. Random other trinkets though? I’m very much on the “just let people do what they want with it” party and as someone who has very specific ships she wants and only those specific ships, I don’t like that my only other option is “buy the ship because nobody can give you the coins”.

I’m hoping maybe once things become more persistent, I’ll find someone who would want to still just part with the coins. I need the Ship Showdown ’52 Scorpius Coin and the Ship Showdown ’52 Mercury Coin. Apparently, most people do not care for trinkets, but hopefully that makes it more likely for me as one of the few people who does.