The Buccaneer and a Quiz!

So, the Buccaneer is officially up for sale today!
I really do want it and so I keep going back and forth on if I can afford it right now or not… I have so many ships I want as it is T__T I’m also a little sad that it seems the concept ship models and posters will not end up in the Voyager Direct (or at least are not planned to), but at least they should be able to be gotten in the game itself. I hope it’ll be quick to get all the ones I’d be missing….

Going back to the Buccaneer… to go along with its release, we have a quiz! Originally a minigame, but ended up being changed and will be reused later, it’s interesting to see this quiz instead. Depending on the results, it will determine what weapon “Item X” will become that all purchases of the ship will get. I’ll be posting the questions each time along with my answers for record purposes (This is a log, afterall) so here we go with Question 1!:

Question 2:

Question 3:

Question 4: