Hangars and things~

It’s been a while since my last update and not for any particular reason. I’ve still been updating with new decorative items as they come out and I even spent some time re-decorating my Hangar on 2.4:

Of course, with 2.41’s release, that is probably completely gone now. I think for the future, I might just place my fish tank (which hopefully I can actually put all my fish back in now) and any new items for pictures.

I still feel kind of mixed about the placement system. Ignoring the temporary room removal that prevents me from having all my favorite ships out, I kind of liked having things pre-placed as I actually really enjoyed most of the places where things happened to be. A lot of items can no longer be placed which is a bit unfortunate. Not to mention the general display stands versus the ones with the name plagues for the models is a bit disappointing–I definitely preferred the original ones with the information.

Regardless, maybe my next time on I’ll try and do more missions now that some kind of persistence is in. I still have a lot I want to get at some point.