Some kind of update!

So, this site isn’t dead so much as a temporary hiatus–or well, there was one. I’m currently working on getting everything back up to date. I had figured most people wouldn’t be too interested in such a site until the game fully launched, but thanks to some recent members, I realized that’s not entirely the case so I’m pretty excited to essentially be updating again.

Let’s talk about some things since. For one, the referral contest ended–I did manage to get enough for the Star Kitty items, thankfully, along with even enough to get the Gold Ship Models. I’m still bummed out about the contest itself though so I hope they won’t do it again. I’m just so thankful I found people to refer me.

More Concept Ships have also come out that I adore, but likely will not be able to get–the 600I and Ursa Rover. I know everything can be earned ingame, but… I hope the models and posters for all these concept ships won’t be too pricey.

There isn’t too much to say beyond Star Citizen itself getting a lot of site updates. I still haven’t quite got used to the Spectrum System–sure, it’s more steam-lined, but I think I preferred the old system.

Also, on the trinket side of things, there was no Subscriber Trophy for Citizencon this year which I found kind of odd. First no Gamescom trophies and then no second Citizencon one. I wonder why.

Subscriber flair has also been given a change where instead of Imperators getting two of the same flair, they now get an exclusive variant… Which while makes sense, isn’t the best execution.

For one, the different variant is linked to the original variant which means it’s… not possible to gift the other variant alone. On the other, it’s also kind of… cheaper for someone to switch to Imperator down the line, buy the variants, and switch back if they can’t afford to do $20 each month. I know I personally can’t, unfortunately, and while I was okay missing the skins, I’m really sad to be missing out on the trinkets, even if it’s just color/pose variants. I haven’t seen many people delighted about the change–many people who did Imperator seemed to gift the extra to one of their kids, a friend, or even significant other, while others managed to do $10 each for themselves and/or maybe a friend or family they either need to just put towards their self or even only upgrade one or two. And some people don’t care for the items at all, even more so.

Thankfully, a very nice person actually gave me their variants so thank you! <3 Anyway, that's all for now. Thank you for still being interested after all this time!