Midas Fish
This rare gold Midas Fish can be found on the planet Cassel in the Goss System and was included with the Fishtank Mark I that all backers received if they had backed before the 20 million milestone.

The Menarik originated from Ealus in the Xi’An Empire. It was ‘presented’ to Humanity by the Xi’An. Those who bought a Mark I Fish Tank received one with their purchase, though, you can also purchase one separately.

Ribbon Fish (Vario Vittas)
Popular among children, this blue and orange pair of Ribbon Fish come together when purchased from the Voyager Direct.

The Vindel is a species of cleaner fish that feeds on waste and algae. It is found in the wild in shallow water and the bottom of rivers. It can be bought from the Voyager direct.

Thorsu Grey
The Thorshu Grey can be found in the colder climates of southern Terra and is available for purchase in the Voyager Direct.

Oshi is a smaller cousin of a deep-sea bioluminescent species. When purchased from the Voyager Direct, you receive a whole school.

“Fish School Referral”
If you manage to get 5 referrals through the referral system, as part of the Surf and Turf reward, you receive a brand new fishtank with these fish. They are currently not available any other way.