The Golden Ticket
This special trinket was given to anyone who used their email to “sign-up” before the Kickstarter was announced. Everyone who used that same email for the site when it was fully up received a golden ticket.

AMX-1 Repair Bot
“A pilot’s best friend”, the AMX-1 Repair Bot can access and repair any standard ship system with ease. It was given to all backers who backed by July 6th, 2013.

Advocacy Tools
A set of Advocacy Tools for enforcing the law. It includes a FACTION-9 Baton and E&I M34 Restraint System. This was available for a limited time.

Jacopo Monocle and Top Hat
Designed by Derion for the Jacopo line of accessories in the 2946 Dafne Collection. This collection was commissioned in honor of the Port Retanus Metropolitan Opera House Quincentennial. Awarded to those with Concierge status in April 2016.

ICC Probe Holographic Model
This model represents an exact replica of the Deep Space Scanning & AstroGraphical probes constructed and operated by the Imperial Cartography Center. These stations can be found in all corners of the UEE, constantly monitoring the system for potential jump points. Each ICC probe is part of a network that allows an ICC cartographer to study a wider section of space from their control center.

Icarus One Holographic Model
This model represents an exact replica of Icarus One from the Sol System. The Icarus One transfer station was constructed in 2148 to act as an intermediary stopover point between Earth and Mars. Designed by Pietro Moretti, this sprawling station initially served to accommodate resource haulers transporting goods to aid in the terraforming of Mars. However, once Mars was officially cleared for Human habitation in 2157, Icarus One transitioned into a civilian station for aspiring pioneers, eager to start a new life on the alien world.

IMS Bolliver Holographic Model
A Holographic Model of the IMS Bolliver. Established during the First Tevarin War, IMS Bolliver was intended to serve as a infantry platform in the case of a Tevarin invasion. The Bolliver’s layout was optimized to not only house military personnel but also provide defensible positions in the case of assault. This configuration became a template for future security stations and its references to this configuration can still be seen to this day.